Next year the Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club celebrate their 40th birthday and we want to mark the occasion by enticing both our members and others from the Rootes Group family of vehicles to get their cars out and head off for some interesting tours. SROC members have come up with some route plans that will take you on individual runs round our lovely countryside.

We currently have around 16 routes taking in many beautiful areas around our country & our hope is to take you to places that still remain much as they were when our cars were in their heyday.

It is hoped to start making the routes available from early next year.

Each route will likely have a day when the organiser will be present & on those days we are hoping for the biggest turn-outs, but the routes can be undertaken at any time to suit you. You will just need to contact me or the organiser nearer the time to get your detailed route instructions.

NB: These drives will only be available to SROC Members and members of other Rootes Car Clubs under the ARCC banner. Please visit the web site regularly for updates on these great drives for next year.

If you want to submit a route then please contact Neil in the first instance to check if one has already been organised.

Welcome to the Sunbeam Rapier Owners' Club, your passport to complete enjoyment in a marque with rarely matched heritage.

Owning any Rapier will provide you with a unique driving experience. These four seat pillar-less coupés offer incomparable features for budget conscious classic car owners. The Rootes Group was renowned for styling as well as keeping up with technological advances. From the outset the Rapier offered a 6-speed gearbox (taking into account overdrive gears on 3rd and 4th), by 1958 the engine boasted twin carbs, in 1959 front disc brakes were fitted and during these years and beyond the International Rally successes piled up.

On the styling front, Rootes provided a head-turning car with two-tone coachwork, loads of rally-bred dials, all set in a walnut dashboard from 1959 – 1967. If having all the side windows open isn’t enough of a thrill then get the convertible version available from 1958-1963. Beyond 1967 the Rapier name continued with the ultra-stylish Fastback, again a pillar-less coupé that had bags of space & lots of extras for the day, as standard, with the tuned 110 BHP Holbay version arriving in 1968 & the Alpine following closely in 1969. What isn’t to like about the most reliable rally-bred Sunbeam Rapiers, with a model to suit everyone.

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